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A few years back, Emphysema Smurf died.

It was a sad day for all. So all the townspeople immediately started talking about how they were going to replace him. Papa Smurf organised for three Smurfs to be the town’s representative Smurfs to judge the applicants for Smurfs. He chose Vanity Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette. The criteria were that applicants must be:

– Blue.

– Able to interchange the work ‘Smurf’ for verbs intermittently.

But things weren’t as easy as they seemed! Here are some stock photos of the judging process:

(this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, seriously…)









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the cocoon

The Cocoon by Robert Frost


…I want to tell them that with all this smoke
They prudently are spinning their cocoon
And anchoring it to an earth and moon
From which no winter gale can hope to blow it,–
Spinning their own cocoon did they but know it.

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night cave #1

How long will ye round me be swelling,
O ye blue-tumbling waves of the sea?
Not always in caves was my dwelling,
Nor beneath the cold blast of the tree.

The Complaint of Ninathoma, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.



Cotton Cave

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