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(this article has been translated from german without editing)


you need to know these.

you must first of do four things:


1 figure out something generally relevant about our culture and sobriety

example: i was driving past a road and a billboard had a photo of a woman on it and she didnt look like any real woman ive seen in a while and i didnt get attracted but instead angered.


2 air your frustration freely

example: i think women must and should be furiated once seeing large women advertising irrelevant things in public and they pressure to look like women. this effects all things including farming goods.


3 give succint, precise, relevant, biblical answer and apply it effectively

example: ‘”i have plans to prosper you” jeremy 29:11 and also “”my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” 2 corinnians 12:9. billboards are hardly relevant because of a reason involving prosperity and weakness and our sexual culture is undead.




im an idiot.


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