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the impressionator

Being a great impressionist myself, I can appreciate when I see others with a similar gift. Recently, on Australia’s and America’s Got Talent, two good impressionists have emerged from the woodwork.


This dude, Ben Price, does a great Borat, Homer Simpson and John Cleese. The rest were a little iffy, but still funny.



Melissa Villasenor! I looked up this chick’s youtube channel, and she’s got a whole bunch more than the ones she does here. And they’re all pretty good. The Natalie Portman. . . She even does the face, it’s weird.



Finally, this dude isn’t new, but as a Jay-Z fan, I’ve got to say it’s uncanny.



Seems like I’m going to need more than a mean Keith Birchley to keep up with them.


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You’ve explained¬†positively¬†nothing.”¬†Richard Dawkins.

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A few years back, Emphysema Smurf died.

It was a sad day for all. So all the townspeople immediately started talking about how they were going to replace him. Papa Smurf organised for three Smurfs to be the town’s representative Smurfs to judge the applicants for Smurfs. He chose Vanity Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette. The criteria were that applicants must be:

– Blue.

– Able to interchange the work ‘Smurf’ for verbs intermittently.

But things weren’t as easy as they seemed! Here are some stock photos of the judging process:

(this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done, seriously…)








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