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well i guess they did leave it open for a sequel…


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she made a sandcastle.

she was the princess of it.

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I was looking through my primary-school books yesterday, and in a grade one notebook, I noticed my hand-writing, and story-telling ability, advancing throughout the year. Most of my musings were about playing games, or going to the Ekka, or my dad. But there was one page I came across that wasn’t about any of these things– and frankly, frightened me a little.

A page from my grade one journal.

That’s right: “During the holidays I saw the car accident and I Liked it.”

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, though: that I wrote the sentence (and drew a corresponding picture of it), or that my teacher went over the page, and the only thing she could find wrong with it was that I used a capital “L” for “liked” (as seen in the red correctional pen).

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